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Hard to Build - Easy to Destroy

In life, we soon learn that it takes lots of time, effort and thought to build something, but practically no effort to destroy it. A good relationship is hard to build.  It demands a lot of consideration and effort.  It needs ‘give and take’ but mostly ‘give’ in the form of understanding, listening and forgiveness. So, are we relationship builders or wreckers?  When we review our life do we see a trail of broken relationships due to carelessly spoken words, thoughtless acts or an unforgiving heart? Do we soon destroy friendships because we are too self-absorbed?  Do we constantly demand attention but seldom give it? Do we always seek favors but never return them? Do we insist on sensitivity and understanding yet in turn we are insensitive and unforgiving?  If we are honest, there is a little wrecker in each of us; however, we should all aim to be prolific builders.

God created humanity to have a relationship with Him.  But friendships are not formed by one party doing all the taking.  God has given us so much; in return He hopes we will give back some time getting to know Him. God also created us so we can build lasting relationships with each other.  This takes effort but is one of the primary reasons of our existence. In life, we may build impressive portfolios of wealth and fame but if we haven’t made good relationships, what have we really accomplished?  Relationships can last into eternity – all our accumulated wealth will not.

Invest in relationships; build them up – spend more time encouraging people than tearing them down.  Thus God implores us in Ephesians 4:32, ‘…be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

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