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The Desperate Plant

If a plant is under stress, it doesn’t take long for the signs to show.  First the leaves wither, followed by the branches and then finally, the roots themselves.  Even so, when death seems so near, there is still hope while there is life.  If the plant is given the right amount of water, fertilizer, light and time, small sprouts of life will appear and soon it will prosper again.

Plants are insightful illustrations of people.  When they are under stress, it doesn’t take long for them to show the signs.  Their interest in life – withers.  Caring for themselves and for those around them – dries up.  Eventually, their very roots (soul) become weak with depression.  Death may be just around the corner.  However, while there is life there is still hope.  If someone under such stress is given the right amount of light (intercessory prayer), fertilizer (a loving environment), water and time (encouragement and patience), small sprouts of hope will appear. As God never gives up on us, we should never give up on them. But we must resist the temptation of smothering (over-watering is the quickest way to drown a plant). The Bible tells us of God’s concern for those who are overburdened; He wants to take our load from us and be a refuge in times of trouble. Interesting, most of our Biblical heroes suffered depression from time to time.  How many times did God prop up those withered plants so they had a chance to become future great trees, bearing fruit for many hungry souls to feed upon?

If we are to rise from our depression like our Biblical heroes, we must do what they did and stop holding onto our burdens and give them over to God to deal with. (Psalms 9:9,10. 34:18. 43:5.  Matthew 11:28-30)

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