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There Is Suffering for the Purpose of New Growth

It is amazing how we can cut pieces from some plants, then put the cuttings in soil where they take root and grow.  From the sacrifice of one plant, many new plants can be cultivated.

God is not the author of suffering.  He intended Eden (paradise) for mankind.  Suffering is a direct result of man’s freewill being used in opposition to God’s plan. Though God does not desire suffering, He sometimes allows afflictions (cuttings) to occur for the purpose of new growth.  In looking at the big picture, God is working all things together for our eternal happiness – not for temporal happiness.  As in Job’s case, any suffering we are undergoing may be the cause of future growth – both for ourselves and for many others.  Furthermore, disasters, large or small, remind believers and unbelievers alike that their time is limited and Heaven cannot and will not be found on earth.

Every day, God works silently behind the scenes stopping millions of disasters we will never know about.  When God does allow a disaster to take its course, He has taken every minute detail into account.  He has the foresight to know the suffering and sacrifice of one person can lead to the inspiration and salvation of many.  We must trust in God in crisis.  Sometimes the greatest triumphs emerge from the greatest tragedies.  Where would we be if God did not allow Christ to suffer on our behalf?

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season… Psalms 1:3a

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