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Lost in a Passion

In a time of multi-media, it is so easy to lose yourself in your passions.  People can be so engrossed in their world of sport, music, television and gaming that they are lost to any other message.   When passions and hobbies become the primary focus, how does one ever find out about God?

For centuries, Christian missionaries have been trained and sent to communicate the Gospel to lost villages deep in the dense jungles of Africa, South America, China, India, and other distant places.    But what about those in our communities who are just as lost in their consuming passion?  God will raise Christians who know the path, can speak the jargon and can point the way home.
This is why God created many of His Christian sons and daughters with ambitions to be athletes, musicians, actors, artists, directors, writers and other prominent performers, so they can be missionaries in their own field.  Yet it is often felt these vocations have little to do with Christianity.
God likes Christians to succeed in their endeavours (while exhibiting Christ’s characteristics) so they can reach those people lost in that passion.  God knows that sports fans listen to every word from their favourite athlete or coach.  When a famous singer, actor, artist speaks, their words are considered profoundly by their groupies.  Those lost in their world of passion may not hear the Gospel from parents, teachers or partners, but ironically will give serious thought to what is said when coming from their heroes. (1 Samuel 2: 30)

Lost in a Passion

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